Next NGA West will be located within a community of historic neighborhoods in the City of St. Louis.

Next NGA West construction site located at the intersection of N. Jefferson and Cass. Surrounding neighborhoods include St. Louis Place, Hyde Park, Jeff Vanderlou, Carr Square, and Old North St. Louis.

The Next NGA West site will be on 97 acres within the St. Louis Place neighborhood located at the intersection of N. Jefferson and Cass avenues. Bordering neighborhoods include Hyde Park, Jeff Vanderlou, Carr Square, and Old North St. Louis.

Culturally rich and diverse neighborhoods are a distinct part of the fabric of the City of St. Louis and longtime residents are proud of their roots and family history. Next NGA West is committed to preserving and enhancing the history of the area and is working to design the new campus in a way that will make it a good fit for the community. NGA has several ongoing outreach efforts to partner with local civic leaders, organizations, business owners and local schools to contribute to the long-term improvement and revitalization of these neighborhoods.


St. Louis Place

The Next NGA West facility will be located in St. Louis Place, a primarily residential community just north of Downtown St. Louis.

Information for Residents

As site preparation and construction efforts continue, residents can contact the Citizens' Service Bureau:

Partners in Education

The Partners in Education Program demonstrates NGA's commitment to advancing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education in local schools and to being a good neighbor to the communities adjacent to our facilities.


Construction progress at the Next NGA West project site
Photo provided by: Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority Holdings Corporation

Next NGA West In Your Community Newsletter

The March, 2018 Next NGA West community newsletter has information about the project, the upcoming Job Fair and an update to progress on construction.

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