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Hello Neighbors! This is Issue #3 of the Next NGA West In Your Community newsletter, with up-to-date information on this project and its impact on your community.

In Your Neighborhood: Update on temporary road construction at the Next NGA West site in early January

The City of St. Louis prepared the Next NGA West project site for construction, and the federal government took ownership in December 2018. The next milestone will be the award of the design-build contract to one of three finalists in spring of 2019. Construction is anticipated to start in late 2019.

What is going on?

The site of the future National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency campus, Next NGA West, located at the intersection of Jefferson and Cass avenues, is now U.S. Air Force federal property. Air Force signs are now displayed on the perimeter fence. NGA is responsible for security of the site until the design-build contractor is selected in the spring.

What kind of activity is happening?

NGA has hired a small, local, minority- owned business to create temporary roads inside of the fence for NGA Police use. Neighbors may observe survey crews, flagmen and trucks delivering and placing gravel.

When is this happening?

The temporary roads inside the fence will be constructed in early January 2019.

Why is this necessary?

These roads will allow the NGA Police to conduct regular patrols on the site until construction begins in late 2019. NGA Police and St. Louis Metropolitan Police are working in coordination to maintain site security.

Questions related to the Next NGA West site?

Please call the N2W Hotline at (314) 676-9418.

Questions about the area surrounding the site?

Please call the City of St. Louis Citizens’ Service Bureau at  (314) 622-4800. For emergencies, please call 911.

Construction Jobs Information

When construction begins in late 2019, the Next NGA West project will need trained skilled labor across multiple trades. Individuals interested in working in construction need to prepare now by acquiring the necessary construction skills to help build the Next NGA West.

Small Business and Subcontracting Opportunities

The construction of the Next NGA West will need the support and expertise of a variety of small businesses. In fact, 40 percent of the design and subcontracting contracts have been set aside specifically for small businesses. If you are interested in subcontracting opportunities, now is the time to prepare.

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It’s Official: City transfers Next NGA West property to federal ownership

Neighborhood and government representatives celebrate land transfer
Photo provided by: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

The Next NGA West site was officially transferred from the City of St. Louis to the federal government Dec. 13. This event marks a major milestone in a large-scale effort to prepare the land for the N2W construction effort expected to begin in late 2019.

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NGA leads St. Louis Public Schools in geography tournament

St. Louis Public School students play GeoPlunge
Photo provided by: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

The National Geospatial- Intelligence Agency led 64 fourth- graders from three St. Louis elementary schools in the second annual GeoPlunge geography card game tournament in St. Louis on GIS Day, Nov. 14.

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