Hey, Neighbor!Teri L. Rose

Former NGA employee and College Hill resident, Teri Rose
Photo by: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

She's a 5th generation resident of the College Hill neighborhood, a recently retired NGA career employee, and is very proud of her family's German, Swiss, English and Irish heritage and historical roots to the area.

What's your family history and ties to St. Louis?

I'm the fifth generation to live in the College Hill neighborhood. On my father's side my family is German and Irish. My great-great grandfather was a charter member at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, which was chartered in 1863 and is still here in the College Hill neighborhood. My great grandmother also taught at St Paul's.

On my mother's side I'm Swiss and English. My grandmother was born in Switzerland and immigrated to America. My mother was a first-generation American and was born in 1919 in a house on West Dodier Street, which is very close to the Next NGA West footprint.

My father was a registered land surveyor. He surveyed a lot of what later became the suburbs north of St. Louis. Unlike many other families who chose to leave St. Louis city and move to the suburbs, we voted as a family to remain in College Hill. In 1968, my father designed and built a new home on the property where our first home was. We moved in in early 1969 and I still live there today.

As a longtime resident of the College Hill neighborhood what was your reaction to the news that Next NGA West will be built in the St. Louis Place neighborhood?

I was ecstatic, thrilled and very relieved that NGA wisely decided to remain here in St. Louis.

How do you think that Next NGA West will transform the neighborhoods both in and around St. Louis Place?

I am very excited about the possibilities! I think and hope that these neighborhoods will be infused with much needed economic development in terms of both people and infrastructure. So much of North St Louis has experienced a concentration of poverty that drains the area, and area families, of hopes and dreams. I'm hopeful that Next NGA West will open a whole new world of opportunities to residents in the neighborhoods surrounding Next NGA West.

You are a recently retired NGA employee. How many years did you work at 2nd street and what are some of your career accomplishments?

I worked at NGA St. Louis on 2nd Street for 21 years in finance and the Office of Inspector General. Although I was not directly involved in the production of NGA products, it was an honor to support those who did by helping to make sure that NGA followed the required laws, rules and regulations to perform our mission of supporting our armed forces. I'm proud of what NGA does.

As a retired NGA employee, as well as a city resident, what do you tell your friends, neighbors and family when they ask for your opinion about the Next NGA West project?

I tell them that Next NGA West is truly a blessing for the city of St. Louis and that it will provide opportunities for neighborhood residents, and the city as a whole since this project offers exciting potential for revitalization of the North side of the city. I also advise them to start preparing for the wonderful career opportunities that will be available.

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