NGA Environmental Study

Purpose for the Environmental Study

In 2014, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) announced plans to move from its current location at 3200 South 2nd Street and Arsenal Street in 2021. A series of planning studies, including an economic analysis, determined that it would be less costly, quicker and less disruptive to build a new facility than to modernize current facilities.

NGA identified six possible locations during a yearlong study, and four of those will be studied further. Part of one site at Northpark in North St. Louis County was sold and developed for another purpose, making the site area too small for NGA’s purposes. Another site at Weldon Spring is no longer under consideration based on master planning review.

The next step is to conduct an environmental study as required by the National Environmental Protection Act. An Environmental Impact Statement will evaluate the impacts of a new campus and identify steps to address any negative impacts. The United States Army Corps of Engineers is managing the NEPA process.

About the Environmental Impact Statement

An Environmental Impact Statement assesses the impacts of performing an action, like building a new campus. It is intended to make sure government decision makers are taking informed courses of action and disclosing environmental impacts to the public.

Components of an Environmental Impact Statement

  • Purpose and Necessity
  • Proposed Action: What the government is proposing, as well as alternative courses of action
  • Affected environment: Current state of the environment
  • Range of Alternatives: Options, including a No Action Alternative
  • Environmental Consequences: Resultant environmental impacts at each site

Steps for completion of Environmental Impact Statement public involvement

  • Notice of Intent: The government announces the preparation of the Environmental Impact Statement
  • Public scoping: The government solicits input from the public
  • Draft Environmental Impact Statement: A draft copy of the EIS is released for public comment
  • Public Comment Period: The public is provided 45 days to comment on the draft EIS
  • Final Environmental Impact Statement and Record of Decision: The government finalizes the EIS and issues a Record of Decision

Anticipated timeline for the Environmental Impact Statement

  • Notice of Intent: November 2014
  • Public Scoping: December 2014 - December 2015
  • Draft Environmental Impact Statement release for public comment: October 2015
  • Public Comment Period: October 9 - November 23, 2015
  • Final Environmental Impact Statement: April 1, 2016
  • Record of Decision: June 2, 2016